Fear of Flying Program

Shawn Goldberg, the lead psychologist at Shawn Goldberg and Associates, is Melbourne’s Fear of Flying psychologist, offering individual or group courses to help you to overcome your fear or flying.

Being fearful of flying is not uncommon; in fact, around 40 per cent of people feel nervous about flying. This does not mean that you do not fly, but your flying experience may be one full of anxiety and apprehension. About 10% of the population however experience extreme anxiety about flying and are likely to need professional help to overcome these fears. 

When people are fearful of flying it is often because they think something terrible is going to happen. They experience a range of physical symptoms, such as heart racing, sweaty palms, and nausea, and have a strong desire to avoid the fearful situation. Treatment for fear of flying aims to addresses all these aspects of fear: unhelpful thinking patterns, intense emotions, physical symptoms and behavioural response.

Working with Flight Experience, Shawn supports people to face their fear of flying in a calm and thoughtful approach. The four-stage course uses proven Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Exposure Therapy to manage the symptoms of anxiety with a range of calming strategies, while addressing their underlying irrational fears around flying.

The Fear of Flying program is designed to be provided over multiple sessions to enable you to learn, practise and implement the skills needed to address your fear.  If you are preparing for a journey, and want to undertake the Fear of Flying course, please contact Fear of Flying on 1800737800 to ensure you have enough time to complete the course successfully before your planned departure. Alternatively, book an initial free consultation with Shawn Goldberg here to see how if you are suitable for the Fear of Flying Course.

An unexpected bonus of seeking help for fear of flying is that it can also help you to overcome anxieties you may have in other areas of your life.