Tips to Reduce your Fear of Flying

  • Question how you are thinking about flying. Ask people you know who like flying what they think about your fears. Remind yourself that flying is the safest type of transport available.
  • Learn relaxation techniques: As your fight/flight/freeze response has been activated it is wise for you to manage the physiological response via breathing techniques. Try and practice them daily until your flight.
  • Understand how planes fly. That may seem a big task, but there is much information out there on how they are engineered to safely fly from point A to point B regardless of the circumstances.
  • Challenge your irrational thoughts. You may be saying to yourself “I know that this seems irrational but…we’re going to die…the plane won’t’ make it…I can’t’ trust the pilot…etc.” For every one of these thoughts, there is a rational explanation. It is your job to seek that out and apply it when needed.
  • Face your fears. Visualising or actually practicing going to the airport and/or flying is a big part of desensitising the fearful brain. Done correctly and you will begin feeling confident that you can manage your flying fears.