Supervision and Training

Shawn Goldberg and Associates are passionate about supporting health workers faced with stress and trauma in their work. Through one on one supervision, Shawn Goldberg and Associates help workers to gain insight into their own thinking and behaviour, and the role these play in enhancing resilience, improving work performance and relationships with their clients. With greater self-awareness and self-care health workers can continue to provide these services with compassion and care.

Group supervision can promote a healthier team environment and improves a team’s cohesion. Shawn Goldberg and Associates can provide your health team with dynamic group supervision to address specific challenges (such as team restructures and changes in worker roles), or they can provide ongoing team supervision.

Shawn Goldberg and Associates supervision is dynamic, thought provoking, self-reflective and practical.

Ongoing supervision offers an opportunity to:

  • Reflect on current best practise and outcomes
  • Explore the impact of work on workers
  • Identify strategies to enhance resilience and decrease risk of compassion fatigue
  • Review relevant research and discuss implications for practise
  • Enhance team cohesion.