Shawn Goldberg & Associates is a compassionate and inspiring psychological practise based in Melbourne’s western and inner south-east suburbs.

Providing a safe and respectful environment, the team of experienced psychologists provide therapy for a range of mental health issues. They support you to develop the skills and knowledge to enhance your wellbeing and enrich your relationships. Building on your unique strengths, Shawn Goldberg and Associates offer counselling that is focused on finding the right solutions for you.

Driven by a strong professional and personal commitment for integrity, Shawn Goldberg and Associates offer evidence-based, individually tailored intervention programs. They are continually exploring latest research and practice in clinical and related health psychology, ensuring their services reflect the best evidence available in the field.

Therapy can help when you are feeling depressed, anxious and overwhelmed, but it can also play an important role in helping you to improve your overall well-being and reach your personal goals. Shawn Goldberg and Associates can support you to:

  • Explore the impact of major changes in your life (relationships, workplace and health issues)
  • Deal with stress and difficulties
  • Identify and achieve your goals – whether these are personal, work related, or are about your health and fitness
  • Find purpose and meaning in your life
  • Develop healthy and sustainable relationships
  • Improve your self-awareness and ability to cope
  • Understand grief and its impacts on your wellbeing
  • Understand the connection between your physical and mental health.

Shawn Goldberg and Associates not only support people in their personal desire for change, they also offer a range of training and supervision services to community, health and corporate organisations. Within health and community services, Shawn Goldberg and Associates offer specialised workshops and supervision to assist health workers to develop resilience, enhance their skills and knowledge, and ultimately thrive. In the corporate world, Shawn Goldberg and Associates offer workshops to address issues that affect staff satisfaction and retention, productivity and overall staff wellbeing.

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Therapy Services

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY: working side by side to help growth, healing and recovery. It is about you, your needs and your goals

EMPLOYMENT ACCESS PROGRAMS: a work-based intervention program designed to enhance the emotional, mental and general psychological wellbeing of all employees.

FEAR OF FLYING PROGRAM: offering individual or group courses to help you to overcome your fear or flying.

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Supervision and training

INDIVIDUAL/GROUP SUPERVISION: supporting staff in an ongoing capacity to support the health and wellbeing of others

BEYOND COMPASSION FATIGUE WORKSHOP: developing skills and self-awareness to remain a resilient and compassionate health worker

BEYOND BURNOUT WORKSHOP: implementing a 5-step approach to effectively preventing and managing burnout in the workplace

BURNOUT AND RESILIENCE PROGRAM: supporting staff development, resilience and performance over a 6 week period

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